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Mobile operators and broadband service providers everywhere are under pressure to offer better network performance to keep up with insatiable subscriber demand for bandwidth. But the implications are dire: the cost of transporting data is expected to outpace revenue, and a poor user experience resulting from network congestion will result in churn, one of the largest costs operators incur.

Wi-Fi presents an attractive option and complimentary technology for operators looking to scale capacity, efficiency and footprint of their existing networks.

Ruckus Mobile Internet solutions let service providers deliver reliable, indoor/outdoor, always-on, broadband services using Smart Wi-Fi technology at a fraction of the cost and complexity of conventional macro alternatives.

Wireless Broadband Access
Ruckus field-proven Smart Wi-Fi approach to wireless broadband access opens vast new segments of customers to broadband operators. As a ‘Big Dog’ partner, ITG can dramatically reduce the capital costs of your broadband infrastructure.

Better Wi-Fi With Less Equipment for Education
Schools and colleges are all challenged to move up to higher-speed, more reliable Wi-Fi. They want strong security, killer coverage, and connections that don't drop. They also need Wi-Fi to go to places where no Ethernet cabling has gone before, such as common areas, temporary classrooms, on-campus housing, and every corner of the campus. But for most educational institutions, tighter budgets and busy IT staffs make the transition impossible.

Schools need strong security, full coverage, and consistent connections even when entire classes start sending videos at the same time. But for most educational institutions, tighter budgets and limited IT staffs make the transition impossible.

Fortunately, Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi provides the technology that gives schools a cost-effective wireless infrastructure that's in a class by itself. Ruckus BeamFlex technology uses a high gain adaptive antenna array that monitors the environment and automatically finds the best signal path to each client. It provides robust, complete coverage and high performance —at an affordable price.

Ruckus Wi-Fi provides the foundation infrastructure needed for classrooms of the future and improved administrative and operational system support.

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