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PCS 60 Phone Partner, IP Softphone & Operators Console

Supplied as standard for every maximiser user, the PCS 60 Phone Partner application for Windows and Mac OS X computers can be used in conjunction with any SpliceCom PCS phone or existing 3rd party analogue handset to deliver ALL of the benefits associated with SpliceCom’s top of the range IP Phones. Calls can be dialed as normal from the phone’s keypad, or alternatively via your computer.

Floating Caller Display text shows you who’s calling, without interrupting any PC based application or task you’re working on. You can also choose if PCS 60 will “pop” on incoming call or when you answer the call, making it conform with the way you want to work.

Access to presence/speed dials/busy lamp field, system directories, messaging, visual call pick-up and call progress are all provided through PCS 60. Even the “push” of web enabled information to the user desktop from the world wide web, company Intranet, IP Video Servers and Web Cams and other web-enabled applications is easily achieved.

With the appropriate Licence, PCS 60’s flexibility allows it to be used as an IP Softphone, utilising a bluetooth/USB headset or handset in conjuction with your PC to make and recieve telephone calls.

PCS 60 Operators Console

SpliceCom’s PCS 60 Operators Console has been specifically designed to elevate business productivity and enhance the overall company image at the main point of customer contact by delivering an improved operator service. By utilising the standard PCS 60 application and expanding its capability through the addition of the Operators Console Licence, SpliceCom’s PCS 60 Operators Console has been specifically developed to partner any PCS phone, or existing analogue phones.

The PCS 60 Operators Console can be deployed in single screen or dual screen modes, runs under the Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS X operating system and can be alternatively used with a USB/Bluetooth, handset/headset as an IP Softphone application. The PCS 60 Operators Console can also be deployed with a touch-screen monitor to deliver direct operator control.