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PCS 580G/582G Touch Screen IP Phone

For those seeking the real benefits that can be gained from the convergence of voice, video, IP TV and web IT enabled applications, SpliceCom has designed a true 21st Century business telephony solution - the PCS 582G. Offering the intuitive use and operation expected from today’s Smart Phones, the PCS 582G has been developed with today’s business requirements in mind. Built around a large, full colour, touch screen, graphics display, the built-in web browser of the PCS 582G allows relevant information from your core business applications to be “pushed” to the desktop in a controlled manner.

The unique PCS 582G provides touch screen access to dedicated, easy to use, icon driven, telephone system features and much, much more including; Web, Intranet, IP TV, IP Video/Web Cam and web-enabled content delivery. The PCS 582G has headset connection and also a USB port. Typically this can be used to connect a keyboard to enable high speed entry of text if required. In common with the PCS 572G, the PCS 582G offers an integrated, two- port, desktop 1000/100/10 Mbps LAN switch with Quality of Service (QoS) allowing it to be run ‘in serial’ with Gigabit Ethernet PCs, so negating the need for a dedicated LAN socket.

http://www.networkconnect.co.uk/images/PCS 580G Dtl2.gif