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PCS 552 Monochrome Display Phone

The PCS 552 opens the door to high functionality IP telephony at a widely deployable price point. The PCS 552 is suited to all business phone users and offers a highly sophisticated performance but easy to use telephony solution. Designed in looks to enhance the appearance of any desk, the PCS 552 also has excellent ergonomics. The tilt-able body of the phone ensures that in whatever light conditions the clarity of the display is optimised. The handset cradle has been designed to give a quick and secure relocation of the hand piece after a call. The cleverly designed base results in one of the smallest footprints of any phone in its class, freeing precious desk space for other items. The PCS 552 is suited for deployment in many business environments. The stylish appearance masks a highly robust phone capable of performing in environments, ranging from construction sites to call centres and schools to solicitors.

The power of the PCS 552 is centred round the backlight monochrome display surrounded by eight context sensitive keys. Visibility of the status of colleagues and one touch contactability comes with the Favourites/speed dials. Easy access can be obtained into the 50,000 entry contacts directory stored on maximiser via the graphic display and the alpha numeric keypad with predictive search. Missed and completed call information are clearly displayed on the screen, along with visual voice mail notification and playback control.

The backlight monochrome screen is bright and easy to read and provides automatic dimming to save energy when in Out of Hours mode. Full hands free speech and on hook dialling capability allows the user to get on with other tasks whilst making calls. The PCS 552 is also equipped with a headset connector and offers an integrated, two-port, desktop 100/10 Mbps LAN switch with Quality of Service (QoS). The two Ethernet ports on the phone give the cost saving advantage of only requiring a single Cat 5 cable connection at the desktop, thereby negating the need for a dedicated LAN socket for the telephone. The phones also support Power over Ethernet (PoE), removing the need for a power socket at the desk.