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PCS 505 Entry Level Phone

SpliceCom’s PCS 505 meets entry level business telephony needs by providing the optimum balance between quality, features and price. The smart yet rugged design means that the PCS 505 not only looks good, but also stays that way, even in tough working environments.

Integrated maximiser voicemail management keys, system feature access guide, combined Message Waiting/Visual Call indicator and four dedicated feature keys all help to make SpliceCom’s PCS 505 simple to use. Like the PCS 520 Display Phone, the PCS 505 Desktop Phone is designed to be directly connected to SpliceCom’s 5100 & 5108 Call Servers and 5315 & 5330 Phone Modules over structured cabling systems or existing telephony wiring. In addition to often being deployed as a wall-mounted phone, the PCS 505 is perfect for those who want a simple cost effective desktop phone to use with maximiser.

PCS 505 Features