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PCS Business Phones

From affordable entry-level phones, through IP terminals that unify advanced telephony and IT applications at the desktop, to native IP Phone appliactions that run on Smart Phones, Tablets, PCs and Macs; in SpliceCom’s comprehensive PCS telephony family you’ll find the product that’s the ideal match for your specific business requirement - whatever it may be.

Introducing SpliceCom's PCS 5xx range of phones

Designed to complement other market leading and stylish IT equipment on your desktop, SpliceCom’s PCS 5xx IP Phones combine looks, intelligence and desirability in equal measure. The world’s slimmest desktop IP phones provide easy access to the benefits delivered by maximiser, SpliceCom’s range of innovative and award-winning Unified Communications platforms.

Ultra sleek in styling, SpliceCom’s PCS 552, PCS 56x, PCS 57xG & PCS 58xG IP Phones have been designed to look great from any angle – including the back. Utilising a totally sealed enclosure with not a screw in sight, SpliceCom have focused on delivering the same ease-of-use associated with mobile phones to business telephony users. All PCS 5xx IP phones have large graphical displays, intuitive multi-functional context sensitive keys, and bold instantly recognisable icons combining to deliver the ultimate telephony user experience.

SpliceCom's PCS 5x1 phones are finished in silver, whilst the PCS 5x2s come in black.