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Maximiser XS is a super scalable Soft PBX platform, supporting up to 100,000 IP, analogue or GSM/3G extensions to meet the demands of Large Enterprise, Managed, Hosted and Multi-Tenancy requirements. Like the three current maximiser Soft PBX offerings, the S8000 variant of the maximiser XS Call Server utilises SpliceCom’s existing 5 Series application suite, this time running on high-reliability Apple OS X platforms. In addition to offering all of the familiar maximiser architectural trademarks, the XS Call Server, when running S8000-M software, allows multiple Virtual maximiser Call Servers to run on a single OS X platform. Each Virtual Call Server is capable of running a different level of software if required. This makes maximiser XS perfectly suited for running Managed, Hosted and Multi-Tenancy IP Telephony applications in addition to meeting large-scale Enterprise requirements.