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Maximiser Soft PBX widens customer choice further still by taking the core, field hardened DNA from SpliceCom’s hardware-based, maximiser 5 Series Call Server, delivering it as a software-based IP PBX application. Running on a Linux operating system and either industry standard computer platforms from the likes of HP and Dell, or in a VMware virtualisation environment, maximiser Soft PBX enjoys all of the familiar, award-winning SpliceCom benefits; delivery of voice calls irrespective of an employees’ location, the device they choose to use handle their calls with, or the IT infrastructure upon which the voice architecture is overlaid.

Currently available in three variants (up to 40, 250 or 500 users), with easy and affordable upgrade paths providing investment protection, maximiser Soft PBX eliminates the physical and geographical limitations previously associated with telephone systems, allowing great savings to be made on administration, management and infrastructure costs, through the unification of networks. This approach allows all businesses, irrespective of size, to benefit from extended communications, and more importantly ensures your initial investment is protected by growing with you as your need for communication scales and becomes ever more demanding. A larger S8xxx Call Server will be available in the near future.