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Vision - What is it?

Businesses today have to be able to see into the future as well as look at and learn from the past. Vision allows business people to view the information that enables them to improve the way their company operates and the manner in which they serve their customers. Vision gives businesses a dashboard by which they can ramp up the levels of their responsiveness, critical in today's ultra competitive market place. SpliceCom Vision is a suite of software applications that have been singularly designed to operate with the award winning maximiser Pure IP Business Telephone System. Vision's design means that in conjunction with maximiser, it operates as ONE entity, providing detailed and intimate information upon which sound business decisions can be based.

As maximiser runs as a single system, no matter how many sites it is distributed across or how many home based, remote or mobile employees are connected, Vision is able to collect information on every Department and every individual - wherever they might be. Likewise real-time information can be delivered to department heads and managers totally independent of their location; via their PDA, web browser, PCS 60 IP Softphone/Phone Partner or PCS 580 IP Screen Phone. And as for your workforce, Vision works hard for them too, by offering far greater managed flexibility over the way they choose to handle their telephone calls when they're out of the office.

Vision offers a Business Dashboard for companies of all sizes, delivering a comprehensive range of real-time information and historical reports to those that need it, irrespective of where they might be.Technical Support or Sales Order Processing, Customer Service or Accounts, Help Desk or Sales, whatever area of the business you need to focus on, Vision has the answers. This allows issues to be identified and rectified before they become business-impacting problems, whilst optimising resources at all times for maximum productivity. It also provides the real-time information needed to ensure that operations run smoothly. Are we meeting our service levels on the Help Desk? How many abandoned callers haven't been called back yet? Do customers have to wait in a queue longer than necessary because we have insufficient resource to handle all the auto attendant calls? These are the type of questions that can be effortlessly answered by Vision.