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Advanced wireless features for empoyees on the go

In today’s flexible and fast-moving business environment, employees are never in one place for very long. Office workers need to roam freely throughout the building and workers can be just about anywhere: at the office, between appointments, on business travel or working from home. Enabling staff to be mobile provides numerous benefits. Productivity increases, customer service is enhanced and no opportunities are lost due to missed calls.

The MH240 significantly improves user accessibility, productivity and responsiveness by providing workers the ability to roam from one business area to another.

With the MH240 you can get the most from your NEC IP communication platform. It provides all of the features that users expect from a desktop phone in an easy-to-use mobile handset including excellent voice quality, an intuitive LCD screen and simple menu-driven navigation.
Roam seamlessly in multiple business locations
NEC’s UNIVERGE WLAN and handset designs prioritise voice calls, complete hand-offs quickly and seamlessly, and effectively control call admission - all critical for wireless mobility. With the MH240, users can walk into any business location connected through your organisation’s NEC UNIVERGE SV8100 system and have instant service. There’s no need to fumble through time-consuming setting changes.
Deploy effortlessly with NEC access points
The MH240 works with NEC’s UNIVERGE WL1500/1700 Series Access Points to offer a simple means of deployment and easy WLAN network scalability for your growing business. The unique WL1700 gives small to medium-sized businesses and growing organisations a low-cost, enterprise-grade
Reduce costs through simple management
Unified management of the MH240 and its use of the converged voice and data infrastructure reduce your costs while delivering the richest possible functionality.