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Onsite wireless telephony on your IP Network
With Business Mobility IP DECT, a single converged network provides both fixed and wireless telephony, reducing dedicated cabling requirements and management. Your mobile voice network can easily integrate with applications as they are part of the same network infrastructure. Wireless telephony in a multi-site company or large campus environment is a matter of installing IP DECT Access Points at remote locations, with no need for additional remote equipment. These remote locations become an integral part of your centralized mobile voice communication infrastructure. Deploying IP DECT also protects investments in existing handsets, applications and network infrastructure.

The IP DECT open architecture
To protect investment and to stay competitive, Business Mobility IP DECT is based upon open standards. It is the first DECT system based on the SIP standard providing compatibility to virtually any communication platform that supports this standard. IP DECT also follows the worldwide DECT GAP standard. This means that for now, and the foreseeable future, systems will support the basic functionality of standard DECT handsets. Finally, IP DECT also provides an open interface for text- and alarm messaging which guarantees connectivity to a variety of specific messaging systems in the market.

Multi-site mobility
Business Mobility IP DECT provides wireless telephony in a multi-site business or campus environment, offering the perfect solution for organizations with a main office and different branch offices, even when they are geographically spread. You simply install IP DECT Access Points at your remote locations, forming one DECT cluster with the Access Points in the main location via the company’s network infrastructure.