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Fully integrated IP keysets

All 4 models are differentiated as their own strength so that you can make flexible offer as your customer demands. Design identity has been kept as LDP series and it will look natural combination in the office. Single voice and data network and plug & play installation will save your MAC cost and increase productivity. Remote IP phone installation should be a perfect solution for a home office networking. User can connect the IP phone to the easily available ADSL at home and the IP phone works as a system extention. 8 IP phones(including WiFi terminals & Softphone) can make calls simultaneously and maximum 28 IP phones can be registered per system among maximum capacity of 32 extentions.
LIP-7004N [Non LCD w/4 flex btn]
  • Diffserve
  • PoE(802.3af) compatible
  • Echo cancellation
  • Silence suppression
  • OHD
LIP-7008D [2x24 LCD w/8 flex btn]
  • Multi language
  • 2nd CID preview
  • Full duplex speakerphone
  • Headset jack
  • PIM DB integration
LIP-7016D [3x24 LCD w/16 flx btn]
  • 3 soft keys
  • Navigation
  • Switch port(10/100 T)
  • Duel LED
  • Option module compatible (DSS)
LIP-7024D [3 x24 LCD w/24 flx btn]
  • 3 soft key
  • Navigation
  • Switch port(10/100 T)
  • Duel LED
  • Option module compatible(DSS/*BTU) *BTU to be available Phase4
LIP-7024LD [9x32 Graphic LCD w/24 flx btn]
  • SMS
  • Phone book
  • Scheduler
  • Calendar
LIP-7048DSS [48 flx btn Direct Station Selection]