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Strategic information & communications terminal with high end functionality

The Ericsson-LG IP Phone 8840 provides strategic information & communications with high end functionalities designed to boost the productivity of knowledge workers and other critical employees as well as administrative personnel. Its stylish design embeds 10 line appearances on the silver part of the phone without compromising with the professional high look and feel of the phone. The phone can be attached to an LCD expansion module to add an additional 12 flexible buttons. It incorporates the largest LCD grayscale display (240x144) of the series with full white-backlit and flexible two-position adjustable foot stand ensures optimized viewing angles. For corridor warriors or untethered experience, the Bluetooth module option provides mobility in the office to receive and answer a call.

Target users: Knowledge workers; administrative personnel
  • Grayscale 240x144 pixel LCD display (9lines)
  • 3 soft-keys and 10 programmable buttons
  • Voice Message and Incoming call Status Indicator LED's
  • Enhanced Audio quality with Wideband codec
  • IEEE 802.3af Power over Ethernet (PoE) and local AC power options
  • Secured configurations: auto provisioning, password controlled web configuration, encrypted configurations
  • Enhanced BLF/Call functions: Supporting 10x LED-flexible buttons. When adding two expansion modules, up to 34 buttons available
  • Offer features for mobile users (Wi-Fi Interface and Bluetooth Support)
  • Vertical design with small desktop footprint 2 levels controllable and Integrated Wall Mount
  • User friendly interface with fixed and Soft keys features for common telephone tasks: Call holding /Call waiting /Call park/Call pick up /Call forwarding /Conferencing call
  • Support 10 line appearances on the phone and up to 34 with the two expansion modules
  • Call routing table for power users configure the call routing table to let a digit store and recall any customized string number
  • White-backlit, 240x144 pixel, grayscale display and flexible two-position adjustable foot stand optimize viewing angles under varied lighting conditions
  • Enhanced voice quality used wideband codec delivering clear conversation
  • Cost-effective power options with support of IEEE 802.3af Power over Ethernet or local AC power supply
  • Low learning curves for users: Improved designed and navigation key to simplify users’ experience and preferences
  • Unicode for complex font and character presentation
  • Automated provisioning for enhanced administration and configuration
  • Graphical Call Status (calls missed, number of calls by user)
  • Distinctive ring/multi-ring storable on set (administrator provisioned) downloadable on Ericsson-LG own media file
  • Regional languages (English/French/Spanish/Danish etc) storable on the deskset
  • Support of Ericsson Communication Server Protocol, Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and Media Gateway Control Protocol (MGCP) provides customers with flexible deployment options to adapt to the evolving needs of their business
  • Hearing Aid Compatible (HAC) FCC Part 68 HAC/VC Compliance: Provides headset support any wire and wireless headsets
  • Provide headset support with any wire and wireless headsets
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules for mobility
  • Supports up to two DSS Module (LCD type) delivering an additional 12 flexible buttons per module