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Optimize Your Business Communications with the Unified Communications Solution

iPECS UCS is a powerful multimedia collaboration and productivity enhancing tool exclusively designed for the small and medium sized business. With its single server architecture, the SMB can experience the power of Unified Communications without concerns over the expense and business disruption.

Tools to enhance productivity and improve responsiveness
  • Capture telephone numbers from web pages and other documents for easy calling.
  • Use your local contacts or the company-wide contacts in the UCS Server to place calls simply and effectively. 
  • Enhanced Video Conference, bring together up to 6 parties in a collaborative session, share documents and text, conduct private presentations and co-browse, efficiently sharing information and reducing decision making time. 
  • Presence, know your party’s status so you can select the mode best suited for your communications. 
  • Set actions in your schedules to change your presence automatically in Outlook appointments, which can be imported and synchronized with your UCS Client. 
  • Instant Messaging, combine real-time and your-time for an effective communication tool. Group and individual schedules, share schedules to inform others of business activities, meetings etc., know how and where to contact others.
Simple directory management
  • Private and shared directories are synchronized with your contact management software (Outlook, ACT!, Goldmine or Excel).
  • Managing shared company schedules from UCS Server ensures that all client users stay updated. 
  • With the latest UCS mobile client, your cellphone becomes your interface to UCS Server and iPECS, expanding your communication horizon and reducing your customer response time.
Easy to access and activate
  • The intuitive and consistent user interface allows users quickly and easily adopt UCS tools.
  • Registered users can active their UCS Client by downloading the client application from the UCS Server
  • Experience the full value of iPECS UCS using the 90-day free demo license available in all iPECS platforms.
Single server solution, reduce cost and simplify management
  • The single server based solution reduces hardware cost.
  • For smaller sites, use a lightweight server; as your business grows, add a little muscle to support 2,000~6,000 simultaneous clients from up to 15,000 registered clients and 30,000-shared record database. 
  • iPECS UCS server simply connects to your iPECS voice platform over any IP network. 
  • System managers only need to access a single server to monitor real time status of the components, usage statistics, and manage activity logs.
Business purpose secure UC Solution
  • The minimum length of password and ASCII code can be changed and applied to login. 
  • Message sessions are only between registered iPECS users and the company that owned server maintains logs and details of the communication. 
  • Messages are encrypted and secured using the AES (Advanced Encryption Solution) to protect from intercept.
  • 10 Client status, 5 Desktop phone status, 4 Web cam status
Instant messaging & file send
  • Business purpose IM, Intuitive user interface, Message encryption(AES)
  • Unlimited automatic log saving, Click to send
Conference management
  • Conference group call: Multiple number dialing from directory, Individual connection management
  • Virtual conference room: Room management & status monitoring, Email invitation, Ad hoc conference
Internal & external SMS
  • Internal SMS to system stations up to 100 characters
  • External SMS via PSTN ETSI Type 1 & 2 up to 80 characters
Video conferencing
  • 6 party video conference
  • QCIF, 4CIF, CIF format, H.263+ , Maximum 15 frames
  • FFmpeg Open source code
  • Easy to access user interface
Call recording
  • Click to record on HDD, Automatic client recording agent of linked station, Recorded file handling
Directory management
  • Dynamic DB search, Shared UCS DB up to 15,000(Internal) / 30,000 (External), Locally managed private DB
  • Automatic Outlook DB synchronization, LDAP search, DB export & import, ACT!, GoldMine, Outlook, Excel, CSV
Individual call routing
  • Multiple scenario editing, Incoming CID filtering
  • Time zone base routing, Flexible destination assignment
  • Presence-based call routing
Web management
  • Mutual Presence registration from Web admin
  • Importing shared directory as Linked pair
  • Set the value of Session Relay for PC security environment
Schedule management
  • Shared schedule: Company/Team schedule, up to 5 shared folders
  • Private schedule: Real time sync w/ MS Outlook, Open to public option per event
Application sharing
  • Real time application sharing
  • Image exchange method, Resolution control
  • White board
  • Desktop sharing
Call related features
  • IP Bridge, Interactive call pop up, Scheduled dial
  • Call Assistance, Step call, 48 flexible buttons & etc
  • Click to call, click to call from the dialing number captured from web
  • Presence-based call routing
Server related features
  • Client usage statistics, Server status monitoring
  • Administrator notice, Log management