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PC based proprietary telephone

It provides the same IP Keyset operations and features as LIP-24DH with complete keypad compatibility. And, its additional features such as Phone Book, Call Log, Scheduled Dial, SMS and other interesting features will make it an essential communication assistant for your business. VideoPhone, as the name implies, gives more powerful multimedia communication services. With video communication feature, you may enjoy 3-way video conference with your business partners. Moreover, Application Sharing feature makes it possible to share, for example, all kinds of business presentation software during the conference and any participant may edit the shared document from remote location. Voice and Video Recording are also very useful features if you want to store your voice/video conferences into your local PC and reference them later. PDA SoftPhone is another version of SoftPhone running on PDA with wireless LAN interface. With this fancy software installed in you PDA, it is not just a simple personal organizer anymore; it is going to be a complete mobile extension of you office system with convenient additional features such as Phone Book, Call Log, Scheduled Dial, and SMS.
Local/Remote wired/WiFi DB compatibility : ACT!, GoldMine & MS Outlook BLF display Address Book, Call Log, Scheduled Dial Voice Recording Manager(Recording, Adding Comments, E-mail Sending) SMS, Flex Data Labeling Video communication Running on WiFi PDA Collaboration(3 Party Video Conferencing/File Sharing/Chatting) Outlook Scheduler Synchronization