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PC based attendant solution

ez-Attendant is a software application designed to enhance the attendant feature by visualizing the Attendant call handling and control functions. ez-Attendant works in conjunction with the Attendant’s IP phone providing enhanced attendant feature and efficiency. The user interfaces with the ez-Attendant screen, using the mouse (point and click) or programmable ‘Hot Keys’ to select features and functions available. A pop-up Incoming Call window notifies the user of incoming calls while working with other software applications. ez-Attendant incorporates a database for internal users and external contacts. For example, the external contact database can be linked to a private or shared PIM (Personal Information Management) database including Outlook, Goldmine, and ACT!. Also schedules of internal extension users in public Outlook files can be shared with and displayed on the ez-Attendant screen.
Local Language Translation Using User DB-MS Outlook, Access, Symantec ACT,Goldmine -Using Scheduler & Directory DB Key Pad & Mouse operation Grouping / Drag & Drop SMS Message(PC to DKT,DECT:48 char) BLF Status Display Atd Group/CO Queuing Information Display. User Status Display -Schedule in MS outlook -Call Status : Internal or External -Pre Selected Message etc. Caller Information Display -Call History Powerful Graphic User Interface Multi Attendant, Speed Bin Editor SMS between attendants(PC to PC)