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A modern business relies on its connections to the outside world for both voice and data communications, so making sure you have the correct grade of lines or bandwidth is extremely important.

Analogue telephone lines still provide the core to most business communications, although solutions such as ISDN and SIP are becoming more commonplace.

In addition to your voice traffic, if your business is regularly receiving and sending large data files (such as drawings, artwork, documents or pictures) you may need to consider a higher grade of data specific line which is dedicated to you or only carries a small number of parties. Data connectivity is an essential business function. It can be used in a number of different ways from a simple Internet connection to multi-site access for a company network. Data connections can now also be used for voice traffic too.

Finally you need to decide how your telephone lines are presented to the outside world i.e. do you use standard geographic numbering or does your business need to portray itself as having a national reach and therefore require a non-geographic presence.

All of these requirements have to be carefully considered so that your new business telephone system operates at maximum efficiency and provides you with a resilient yet cost effective solution.

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