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A revolution is taking place in education. The image of the traditional student is changing dramatically as more and more people continue learning throughout their lives and re-train to improve their employment and career prospects. Both full-time and part-time students demand the flexibility to study in ways that fit their lifestyles and needs. This shift is creating new challenges for the modern education establishment.

ITG are the Island’s most successful communications solutions supplier to the education sector. Our dedicated team of experts work in partnership with education institutions to understand specific challenges they face and the communications requirements they must satisfy


Enhancing Student Relations and Services

Increased transparency of performance is heightening competition within education. Students will select institutions that enable them to access high quality content and knowledge in whatever way they prefer. Communications solutions integrated with back office systems enable university staff to access information on all contacts with a student so that they can provide a personalised, fast and informed response.


Providing Enhanced Learning

Part-time and distance learners need to be able to customise their own education programmes and access content-rich material over the Web whenever and however they choose. Bringing voice capability to real-time web collaboration can put students in direct touch with tutors online, enabling work to be reviewed and annotated, and resource pages to be recommended without either leaving their desk.


Promoting Co-Operative Working

Voice and data calls can be made over one single, seamless network - dramatically cutting call costs, streamlining management and making it possible to create value-added education services.


Increasing Flexibility, Productivity and Safety

Innovative mobile solutions that connect people, not locations, make staff reachable via a single personal number and provide all the features of a centralised communications system. Messaging applications improve community involvement and combined with emergency notification systems put students, staff and school safety first.


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The number one challenge for health care providers is enhancing quality of care whilst improving the efficient running of their institution. Patient expectation is increasing yet pressure on budgets is intensifying. ITG have a proven reputation as an established provider of quality, reliable and innovative solutions coupled with our 24 hour support and maintenance service.


Enhancing the Patient Experience

In addition to quality care, healthcare providers realise that they must provide their patients with a comfortable, welcoming and friendly experience. Advanced call handling solutions that integrate with other hospital systems enable staff to access the information they need to answer a patient enquiry at the point of call.


Staff Efficiency

Contacting staff in an instant is imperative to providing the right medical treatment at the very point it is needed and accessing specialist expertise to reach and confirm a critical diagnosis.

Innovative mobile solutions that connect people, make medical and technical staff reachable at all times via a single number no matter where they are located. Integrated web-enabled telephony applications and telecommunication services like unified messaging, accessible on multiple devices including the PC and mobiles, support flexible working.


Controlling Costs, Optimising Investment

Healthcare institutions also have to be commercial, competitive organisations that are able to attract revenue-generating patients to boost pressured budgets. IP applications reduce costs yet maintain and enhance patient care.


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Providing a home-from-home experience requires hotels to provide all the communications capability that guests use in their day-to-day lives - the telephone, email and the Internet - from the convenience of their room. Business travellers must be able to conduct business whilst on the road as easily as from the office and increasingly demand sophisticated communications capability such as high speed digital connectivity, direct dial-in, multiple lines for simultaneous calls & data and video-conferencing support.


Enhancing Guest Contact and Services

Today's solutions enable staff to access a complete profile of a guest from the moment they call to book a room so that they can tailor their response and their stay.

Sophisticated call distribution and skill-based routing analyse the nature of an incoming call and direct the customer to the member of staff most qualified to deal with their enquiry. Full integration with back office systems makes information gathered from every stay- available to staff at their fingertips.


Efficiency and Staff Productivity

Hotel staff are never desk-bound and must be contactable at all times wherever they are in the hotel complex. Innovative mobile solutions that connect people, not locations, make staff reachable at all times via a single personal number no matter where they are located. Such direct communications also boosts staff productivity by enabling freedom of movement.


Property Safety & Security

Network management & security are indispensable to ensure business continuity and optimum staff efficiency and service levels.

ITG have extensive experience in integrating mobile voice and messaging solutions with a wide range of building management and safety systems. Solutions include facilities to capture critical events, process them and instantly send related alarm messages to various destinations (such as pagers and telephone sets, building management systems, industry control systems, SMS and email, with full feedback on the delivery results.


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The pressures of a dynamically changing world are transforming our local public sectors. Both elected and professional bodies need to work as a single entity focused on delivering seamless, consistent and personalised service to its rate payers and local businesses.

ITG are a reliable and innovative communications solutions provider with clear local civil experience.

Our team of experts work in partnership with local government institutions to understand the specific challenges they face and the communications requirements they must satisfy.


Enhancing Public Services

National and local government bodies aim to provide a single point of contact for handling all enquiries, enabling a fast, efficient and personalised response - 24 hours a day, seven days a week. To achieve this public bodies need to ensure that communications can be instantly directed to the most appropriate person or department capable - and empowered - to deal with the enquiry.


Increasing Staff Accessibility

Open government requires that the appropriate staff are accessible and contactable at all times. But employees cannot be desk-bound if they are to be fully productive. That's why communications solutions must connect people, not locations, making staff directly reachable wherever they are located enable government bodies to cut costs whilst delivering heightened, fast and responsive service.


Greater Departmental Integration

Seamless integration of departmental services is key to achieving a modern 'joined-up’ government. The distributed nature and physical location of government services can make this a real challenge. With networking solutions and IP technologies, any size of government institution can create integrated voice and data networks that improve communications, increase productivity, enhance service provision and reduce costs.


Optimising Efficiency, Controlling Costs

Increasing the productivity of internal staff is vital to improve business effectiveness without increasing costs. Desktop productivity solutions enable staff to desk-share and telework to increase efficiency and job satisfaction, as well as enabling institutions to control costs by maximising space, equipment and resources.

Management solutions facilitate monitoring and maintenance, enabling to detect and resolve problems swiftly and maximise network performance and systems availability to staff, while giving full control over call costs and billing.


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