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ITG have helped all kind of clients gain true business advantage and we never adopt a 'one size fits all' solution. We like to get to know you, your business model, systems, customer base and ambitions – and create a system to fit.

In a market that is increasingly shifting towards e-commerce, it is vital that retailers provide exemplary service to all of its customers, a distinct advantage that the internet cannot provide.

Shops and stores often have consistently busy periods throughout the day during which all sales assistants are tied up with customers. In these circumstances it can be difficult to get to the phone resulting in a disappointed customer, or even worse, a lost customer.

ITG have proven experience in helping retailers find ways to improve business efficiency whilst also reducing costs. We are pleased to offer a free introductory assessment of your current system so that we can recommend the perfect solution for you.

The Landlines and Calls section of our website will give you a detailed breakdown of our services. If you'd like more information or a free intoductory assessment please call us on 01983 533033.